3Q Chinese

3Q Chinese. This highly interactive programme helps to enhance young children’s 3Q which stands for Intelligence Quotient, Creativity Quotient and Emotional Quotientachieved via a range of specially designed activities such as word recognition, sing-along rhymes, storytelling and art and craft sessions.

The Chinese language is used as the medium of instruction as a research by our programme advisor Professor Fong Dequan, a renowned educationist specializing in early childhood education since 1978, showed that young children can enhance their imaginative creativity by reading the Chinese language. This is because the shape and structure of each Chinese word looks like an image to the young children.


  • - To elevate intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ) and creativity quotient (CQ)
  • - To lay a strong foundation for the Chinese language and be able to read up to 1,000 Chinese characters.
  • - To simulate and enhance the potential of the right brain
  • - To enhance concentration, observation, imagination and memory skills
  • - To cultivate reading interest
  • - To establish fun-filled and enriched learning