“I enrolled my 2.5 year old son into 3Q Junior since 2018 and there’s no looking back at the choice that I had made. His learning growth spurted and I am glad I am able to leave him in the hands of the wonderful teachers at MRC.”

- Mr E. Tan, 2019

 ”In short, my two sons have had a ”rip roaring” time at MRC. It was a fantastic experience which they both thoroughly enjoyed and I’m sure has been equally unforgettable. The learning experience was absolutely awesome!

Objectives were more than achieved! They learned in a way that brought out their maximum potential, all attained in a most  ’minimalistic way’; no sweat, no tears and teachings were enjoyed to the maximum. The focus was spot-on, the goals were clearly defined and the ideals were attainable. Everyone graduated with a clear path ahead, well prepared for all future endeavours. Lower primary objectives had been well attained way beforehand, and the road into their next academic phase has been ever so smooth sailing. The kids have really grown from toddlers to fine young boys.

Well done teachers and staff of MRC. Your dedication and perseverance are admirable. You set idealistic goals but attain them with simplistic means. You not only taught them well but surrounded each child with values and a holistic culture that will carry them well into their next leg. Your time and effort have indeed been well spent and are much appreciated.”
– Dr David Tan & Nariko